Treat your gas

Ethanol - untreated - strikes again!  At the beginning of this summer, this carburetor was clean and the engine was running smooth. Although we reminded the customer to add Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment to his gas every time he filled the tank, he admittedly forgot to and problems arose by the end of August.

It's important to treat all fuel, especially gasoline containing ethanol, to protect the inner components of your engine. As soon as 20 days after adding fresh gas to your tank, untreated gasoline containing Ethanol can experience 'phase separation'.

Additives like Star Tron reduce the affects of phase separation by dispersing water throughout the fuel as sub-micron droplets that are safely eliminated during normal operation. Regular use will keep fuel injectors and carburetors clean.

As Fall approaches, it's important to ensure that your tanks are topped up for winter storage, and the proper ratio of Star Tron treatment is added to all your tanks.

The example pictured is the carburetor of a small outboard motor, the extent of damage that could result on a much larger gas engine's internal parts shouldn't be underestimated. We've also seen the damage untreated gas causes on older fuel lines - including the breakdown of the internal liner of the hose. Those pieces of hose break off and travel into the fuel system of the engine and also cause carburetor and injector failure. 

Preserve your investment & equipment with a simple, low cost additive.

Posted on September 16, 2014 .