It's our busy season for good used gear and winter projects.


December and early January has been a busy period in our consignment shop. We've received several sizable deliveries of quality used equipment that include some quality anchors and self-tailing winches. One lot brought in a wide variety of items... featuring everything from Magma Grills to a Forespar Motor Lift and three complete windlass units.

Our retail store and marine consignment shop both receive a fair amount of foot traffic, and some items have already moved on to new homes. To preview a list of available items, click on the link below to be taken to our online publication.   View List

If you see something of interest, please call or e-mail to verify that it is still here. This list is accurate as of 11 January, 2016. We will also be happy to answer any questions on condition, size and other specifications you may have. We frequently head down below while on the phone with customers, armed with a tape measure in hand.

Upstairs on our main level, we've been busy with many customers who are engaged in their winter projects. If you have a winter project, we can help source products and keep you going.