Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 22, Capt. Breezy Grenier

My guest for this episode is Capt. Breezy Grenier. Capt. Breezy served in the US Coast Guard, has degrees in Geology and Geological Oceanography, and minors in Marine Biology and Marine Archeology.

In addition to being a licensed captain, she’s a scuba instructor, snowboard instructor, sailor, cook, surfer, teacher, lecturer and world traveler.

She’s sailed to Bermuda, and by the time this podcast is published, she will have completed a transatlantic and the Fastnet Race.

We talk about her travels, past expeditions and plans for future ones, as well as some of the educational models she’s created. Those include Scientists are Super Hero's and Eco Elders.

To learn more about her and some of the things we talk about in this podcast, visit her website:

Posted on August 20, 2019 .