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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 24, Nat Benjamin - Designer and Builder of Wooden Boats

Nat Benjamin, along with his partner Ross Gannon and a talented crew, have built over 70 boats - mostly of his design - and repaired and rebuilt many others.

A visit to the Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway is a step back in time. It’s a place where classic wood boats are restored, repaired and built new using nothing but traditional materials and methods. The people who work there have a special appreciation for craftsmanship. In a world where material things are designed on computers, assembled by robots or punched out of a mold with little human contact, it’s refreshing to visit a place where beautiful boats are crafted by hand from design to launch.

The Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway has featured prominently in magazines such as: Classic Boat, Cruising World, Wooden Boat, Sail, Men’s Journal, Soundings and Architectural Digest. They have been featured in print news stores from the Vineyard Gazette and Cape Cod Times to the Boston Globe and The Wall Street Journal.