Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 23, Dave Lussier - Blokart world speed record

This one’s for the adrenaline junkies out there, present company included. My guest is Dave Lussier. Dave is a long-time competitive multi-hull sailor of catamarans and trimarans who has recently found a new passion: Blokarting or land yacht racing. 

Blokarts come from New Zealand and haven’t caught on in the US as they have in other countries. A Blokart is a 3-wheeled kart with a free-standing sail that resembles one from a windsurfer, and is often sailed on dry lake beds, beaches at low tide, or abandoned runways. 

Dave talks us through how he got into the sport, and what it’s like to sail one of these. He also tells the story of how he came to be the current speed co-record holder along with seasoned Blokart racer Scott Young, a record they set together while racing at Ivanpah - the dry lake bed in California’s Mojave desert. The speed they achieved at that event was a staggering 77.7mph! 

If any of this interests you, or you just want to understand more about Blokarting, you can easily find videos on youtube, or visit the official Blokart website at

And if you’re on social media, Dave has a facebook presence for those in the New England area who want to get involved. That group is called New England Land Sailors.

And finally, in an unrelated coincidence, Dave was my second podcast guest in a row who's been to the North Pole. Capt. Breezy went on an expedition, and Dave went on a nuclear submarine in 2001 and 2003.

Posted on September 17, 2019 .

Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 22, Capt. Breezy Grenier

My guest for this episode is Capt. Breezy Grenier. Capt. Breezy served in the US Coast Guard, has degrees in Geology and Geological Oceanography, and minors in Marine Biology and Marine Archeology.

In addition to being a licensed captain, she’s a scuba instructor, snowboard instructor, sailor, cook, surfer, teacher, lecturer and world traveler.

She’s sailed to Bermuda, and by the time this podcast is published, she will have completed a transatlantic and the Fastnet Race.

We talk about her travels, past expeditions and plans for future ones, as well as some of the educational models she’s created. Those include Scientists are Super Hero's and Eco Elders.

To learn more about her and some of the things we talk about in this podcast, visit her website:

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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 21, Joe Cooper on the 12 Metre Worlds

This is a special excerpt from a much longer episode which will be published at a later date. In this conversation, Joe shares a bit about his involvement with the 12 Metre Worlds currently taking place in Newport, Rhode Island. Joe talks about his involvement, the impact of the Warrior Sailing Project, and the overall atmosphere of the event. Joe is also my first repeat guest.

Posted on July 13, 2019 .

Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 20, Capt. Tim Mills - Newport Harbormaster

Learn about the person in charge of the crew that keeps the City Of Newport's harbor assets in top form. Capt. Tim Mills has spent his life on the water which has included sailing and racing with family and friends, working on a NOAA ship, and owning and operating his own boat and mooring business - where he also wound up getting involved in marine archeology.  

Now the full time Harbormaster for the City of Newport, RI, Tim joined me to talk about all that as well as get some insight and his perspective on some of the changes that we’ve seen around Newport Harbor over the years.

Posted on July 1, 2019 .

Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 19, Andy Green - Sailor, Race Commentator

My guest for this episode is Andy Green. You may recognize Andy’s voice - particularly if you followed the Volvo Ocean Race visit in Newport - as he was the commentator for that event. Andy has also been a commentator for the America’s Cup World Series and the London 2012 Olympics.

In addition to his role as commentator, Andy is an active life long sailor who will be participating in the 12 Metre Worlds this summer in Newport. And like a few other past guests, Andy arrived to record the podcast fresh off a night of racing Shields in Narragansett Bay.

We cracked open a few cold ones and talked about all of that and more. And at one point my wife chimes in with a few good questions that range from the technical aspects of his role, to what it’s like as a fellow expat living in Newport. You can learn more about Andy and his work by visiting:

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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 18, Barbara Lloyd - former New York Times sailing and sports journalist

My guest for this episode is former New York Times columnist Barbara Lloyd. Barbara covered Sailing, Skiing and other sports, as well as writing a gear column for the New York Times. But Barbara has humble roots here at home with the Newport Daily News. 

It was at the Newport Daily News where she began as a cub reporter. Barbara  honed her skills covering the America’s Cup races and interviewing sailors, including Ted Turner and Dennis Conner.

Her nomadic lifestyle, free spirited nature and hard work allowed her to live in and travel to spectacular places around the world.  

At a time when men dominated journalism, Barbara ‘leaned in’ to a man’s world and faced few obstacles to her success. Her journalistic integrity and determination earned her the respect of her editors and peers alike.

We had a great chat where she recalls some of the more memorable and poignant times in her life, as well as some humorous tales … including being pranked by Sir Richard Branson; the value of a quality piece of hand fruit while in rough conditions off shore; a funny story about an airborne skateboard in an apartment; and a somewhat domesticated Bobcat named Toma.

Barbara recently published a book - which I recommend to any one who follows sailing, skiing, journalism and adventure. That book is called Heart Of The Story - notes from a reporter’s free-spirited life A Memoir by Barbara Lloyd and you can find it on  

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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 17, Denis and Allie - Mr. Badger & Co.

My guests for this episode are Denis and Allie of Mr. Badger & Co. Mr. Badger is their 41’ Concordia yawl. We recently got together and cracked open a few beers while they shared their tale of how they came to own Mr. Badger. But that wasn’t the only tale. Denis boasts an impressive sailing résumé and both are well traveled.

It’s a wide-ranging chat that covers: sailing the Greek islands; an unsuccessful attempt at purchasing a schooner; sailing a Carriacou Sloop thousands of miles; environmental stewardship; and how a great experience aboard can be transformative.

Learn more about Denis, Allie and Mr. Badger at

Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 16, Anne Vandromme-Hood - Yacht Insider's Guide

My guest in this episode is Anne Vandromme-Hood. Anne is a partner and leading force behind the publication, Yacht Insider’s Guide. Originally from Paris, she spent much of her time sailing out of Brittney with her family on a variety of boats. Anne is also an avid windsurfer who brought her gear along with her as she pursued crew positions on charter yachts.

Her time spent working professionally on yachts lead her from crew, to chef, to shoreside management in Martinique, and now a publisher in Newport, Rhode Island.

She’s an animal lover and activist, a steward of the environment, and a supporter of many organizations that work to make the world a better place.  Anne lives a very examined life and thoughtfully governs her actions so that they remain aligned with her principles. 

A few of the worthy organizations she mentions in the podcast are: Sailors for the Sea; Clean Ocean Access; Save The Bay and Clean Bays. She also tells a wonderful story about a dog from Martinique finding a new home as a direct result of an article she wrote on the Nicholson Yachts blog. You can read that story here.

I enjoyed talking with Anne and and you can learn more about her, and the publication, by visiting

Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 15, Joe Cooper - Joe Cooper Sailing

My guest for episode 15 is Joe Cooper of Joe Cooper Sailing.

Joe arrived to the podcast straight from coaching a high school sailing team - still half decked out in his drysuit. Born in Sydney, Australia, Joe learned to sail just north of there in an estuary with similar characteristics to that of our Narragansett Bay. Joe has over 60,000 miles at sea and crewed for Australia in the 1977 and 1980 America’s Cup. He also has over 30 years as a sailmaker under his belt.

Joe runs Joe Cooper Sailing which provides coaching and consulting services to teams and boat owners looking to squeeze the maximum performance and value out of their program. He’s also written for major sailing publications and currently contributes to WindCheck magazine with a column called “Coop’s Corner”. You can learn more at

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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 14, John Fulweiler - Admiralty Lawyer

My guest for this episode is John Fulweiler.  John is an attorney who specializes in Maritime and Admiralty law, but he is also a licensed US Coast Guard Captain; a former towing and salvage captain; a sailor and an author. John has written about the Jones Act as well as a book about a harrowing tale of survival when a local man falls off his boat. That book is called ‘A Swim’ and is available on Amazon.

Learn more at

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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 13, Hank Kniskern - former Chairman of Newport Waterfront Commission

In this episode I speak with Hank Kniskern, former Chairman of the Newport Waterfront Commission, about the proposed changes to the mooring regulations in Newport Harbor. There have been two public meetings, and a first reading by the Newport City Council addressing the changes. There are passionate positions held by both current mooring holders, and those on the waiting list. Hank explains the process and the approach the waterfront commission has taken, as well as some examples of how other harbors manage their harbor and waterfront resources.

Posted on February 21, 2019 .

Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 12, Fair Leads - Jess

This episode features a talk with Fair Leads owner Jess. Jess produces custom hand made dog leashes and collars out of all marine grade materials. She's made and shipped over 3000 of them around the world. Jess is a marine scientist who also boasts an impressive sailing history covering over 40,000 miles in nearly every ocean, and she's the former Executive Director of the Tall Ship Oliver Hazard Perry. You can learn more about her products by visiting

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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 11 - Antique Yacht Collection with Greg and Alana

I had a blast talking with Greg and Alana of the The Antique Yacht Collection in Newport, RI and Mystic, CT. They are a young, energetic, fun and ambitious couple who have a really cool vibe. They are entrepreneurs in the yacht charter and yacht management scene in southern New England. Their business has been featured in The Wall Street Journal's travel section, and they are the recipient of the 2018 Trip Advisor Award of Excellence. Learn more about their operation at:

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Standing Before The Mast podcast episode 10 - Onne van der Wal, Photographer

My guest for this episode is Onne van der Wal. Onne is a world renowned marine photographer based in Newport, Rhode Island where he also has a gallery that features his work.

His photography has appeared in most of the top sailing magazines, boat brochures and the patagonia catalog. Onne is a member of the exclusive Canon Explorers of Light program which is home to some of the most influential photographers in the world. Learn more at his website

Posted on January 15, 2019 .

Standing Before The Mast Podcast episode 09 - Patrick Abrecht, Sail On Hope San

In this episode I speak with Patrick Abrecht who, along with his wife Monika, own and operate the classic Alden yawl 'Hope San'. You can charter Hope San for a sailing adventure on Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. Patrick's story begins in his native Switzerland and takes us to Newport, Rhode Island through the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) and then on to their purchase and restoration of Hope San. Learn more about their operation at or follow them on Instagram @sailonhopesan

Standing Before The Mast Podcast episode 08 - Fred Roy, Herreshoff S Boat

In this episode I talk with Fred Roy, owner and sailor of a 1930 Herreshoff S Boat. We learn about the restoration of his boat named Surprise, and what it's like to own and race an old wood boat. Fred goes into detail about what makes the S Boat unique and how some of Herreshoff's design features continue to stand the test of time. We learn about the regattas and activities scheduled for next summer as they celebrate the S Boat class 100th Anniversary.

Follow the activity on Instagram @herreshoff_s_class or on the web at and

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Standing Before The Mast Podcast episode 07 - Eli Dana, Newport Shipyard

My next guest is Eli Dana from the Newport Shipyard. Eli is the General Manager of the Newport Shipyard and he’s a busy guy with a young family, so really appreciate that he was able to sit down for a chat.

In addition to his duties at the Newport Shipyard, Eli is also a board member of the Rose Island Lighthouse, has experience working in another shipyard when he was away at college,  and he spent some time in New Zealand as a tender driver for an America’s Cup Team. Learn more about the Newport Shipyard at

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Standing Before The Mast Podcast episode 06 - John Hirschler from Sightsailing of Newport

In this episode I talk with John Hirschler, owner and entrepreneur behind Sightsailing of Newport. John gives us a great look into how he first got started taking people on sailing tours of Newport Harbor and Narragansett bay, his vision for his company and how he grew the business over the years. See his fleet at


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Standing Before The Mast Podcast episode 05. Stefan Nassaney - Dock Steward, Newport Yacht Club

In this episode, I talk with Stefan Nassaney. Stefan is the Dock Steward at the Newport Yacht Club in Newport, Rhode Island. He gives us a glimpse into his world of juggling boats, members and the boating public at an active waterfront club. We also talk about his large Siberian Husky, his favorite Magma Grill and a unique skiff he’s in the process of building.

Posted on April 25, 2018 .

Standing Before The Mast Podcast episode 04. Kim Hapgood - Sail Newport

In this episode I talk with Kim Hapgood, Program Director for Sail Newport. Kim shares with us all of the programs and initiatives in which Sail Newport is currently engaged, fills us in on the upcoming Volvo Ocean Race stopover, and shares an entertaining story about retrieving a wedding ring in a box that went overboard.

Learn about the great programs at Sail Newport by visiting:

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